Viola Goals: 100 Days of Practice


I haven’t played my viola regularly since high school (eighteen years ago), and I’m learning how to play all over again. (more…)

Pictures of Me

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Houston, Texas, 2017




I’m Vernitra, and I am a writer, aspiring violist, and children’s librarian in Houston, Texas with a deep love for books, vintage tunes, Old Hollywood, and delicious food. I have always loved writing and making up stories, and I currently have a few writing projects on the boil. Here on my site, I share my adventures in reading, writing, movie-watching, and learning how to play the viola again (after not having played regularly for eighteen years since high school). I’ve been a foodie since 1982, so I definitely like to throw some food love into the mix as well. I enjoy things that are entertaining and inspiring. Hopefully, my site will offer some of those things to you. If you have similar tastes, stay tuned… (more…)