Dirt trail on a grassy prairie, leading toward the horizon, under a blue and white sky

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Self-portrait of me smiling, in a floral shirt

Welcome to Vernitra’s Notes, where I relish and reflect on things that uplift, entertain, and inspire me. Read more

  • Looking up through the trees at gray clouds and sun in blue sky
  • Bright sunlight shining on pink, fuchsia, magenta, and white flowers
  • Riding my bike at high speed on a paved park trail
  • Bare, winter tree in the bright light of the sun, against a backdrop of clouds
  • Tree with broken branches and a lookout through the treetops
  • Sunny dirt trail at the park
  • Evening sun shining on a pond surrounded by grass, with a background of trees
  • A glass of ice water sitting on top of a brick surface
  • Big gray storm clouds, with a tiny airplane flying through
  • Pink-and-blue sky, with a tiny bird flying into thick, puffy white clouds
  • Rainbow coming out of a white cloud in a blue sky
  • Tiny full moon and trees, against a backdrop of blue evening sky
  • Pond reeds surrounded by water under a blue sky


Vernitra’s Book Club

Selfie of me smiling in a purple-and-white floral top, holding a stack of books

Viola Notes in Time

My hand holding up my my viola, on a sunny white balcony, against the backdrop of a treetop

Piano Dream Journey

My new electronic piano.


Green leaf and shoe on concrete.

Notes from Screenland

Close-up shot of popcorn in a big white bowl


Black pen on top of an open page of a spiral writing tablet, on a floral background

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