Self-portrait in a floral shirt.

Welcome Letter

Welcome letter on the desk.


A tranquil trail toward the horizon. Prairie Trail at Brazos Bend State Park.

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Writing tablet and pen on a floral background.

Photo Journal

Self-portrait, gazing down, in a floral shirt.

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Viola Notes in Time

Holding my viola on the balcony, treetop in background.

Piano Dream Journey

My new electronic piano.

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Arts & Crafts

Sewing Style

Fabric, pattern, and sewing machine.

Quilting & Quietude

Fabric samples, notebook and pen, and sewing machine.


Green leaf and shoe on concrete.

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Literature, Entertainment, & Media

Vernitra’s Book Club

Me holding a stack of books.

Notes from Screenland

Bowl of popcorn.


Headphones at the park.

Media Shares

Laptop and paper hearts.

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Site News

News note on the desk.


Working from home during the pandemic lockdown, March 2020. Photo by Vernitra © 2021.

Other Site

Days in the Word

Cross on a white background. At home, June 2021. Photo by Vernitra © 2021.

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Envelope on the desk.

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