Bookshelf | My Fake Boyfriend Is Better Than Yours by Kristina Springer (2010) | How to cope when you best friend’s boyfriend is just too marvelous for words

On the first day of seventh grade, twelve-year-old Tori is crushed when her longtime BFF Sienna returns from her extended vacation in Florida looking all kinds of good and attracting all sorts of new attention.

If Sienna’s makeover and new popularity weren’t bad enough, Tori also has to suffer hearing Sienna brag about her amazing new long-distance boyfriend Antonio. According to Sienna, Antonio is hot, wonderful, and the best thing since sliced bread. When Tori begins to suspect Antonio isn’t real, she decides to invent an imaginary boyfriend of her own! From fabricated instant messages to fabulous fake gifts, this showdown of the fake boyfriends is hilarious.

Kristina Springer does an amazing job of getting into the head of a seventh-grade girl. I’m telling you, reading this book made me feel like I was back in middle school again, wishing I had a boyfriend.

Bookshelf Favorite!

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