Movie Picks | Black Widow (1954) | Why you shouldn’t invite random houseguests over when your wife is away…


When Broadway producer Peter Denver (Van Heflin) meets young, aspiring writer Nancy Ordway (Peggy Ann Garner) at a party, he has no idea how the chance meeting will impact his life. Taken by Nancy’s ambition to make it big in New York, Peter reluctantly agrees to let Nancy use his apartment to write during the day, while his wife Iris (Gene Tierney) is away visiting her sick mother. Soon after Iris’s return, she and Peter discover Nancy dead in their apartment bathroom. It isn’t long before Peter finds himself the prime suspect in Nancy’s murder, accused of killing her to hide an affair. After Peter nimbly evades arrest, he launches into his own investigation into Nancy’s life in an effort to solve the crime and prove his innocence.

Directed by Nunnally Johnson
Screenplay by Nunnally Johnson
Produced by Nunnally Johnson
Released by 20th Century Fox

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