Movie Picks | Been Rich All My Life (2006) | 1930s Cotton Club Dancers Still Struttin’ Their Stuff in Their 80s


This documentary about an inspiring group of dancing divas truly proves “age ain’t nothin’ but a number” and that you’re never too old to strut your stuff. In the 1930s, Marion Coles, Elaine Ellis, Cleo Hayes, Fay Ray, and Berte Lou Wood were sensational chorus girls at Harlem’s famed Cotton Club and Apollo Theater. They shared the stage with legendary band leaders such as Cab Calloway, Jimmie Lunceford, and Duke Ellington. When the big band era ended, the demand for show dancers declined, and the ladies found themselves pursuing new careers and experiences. In 1985, the ladies reunited to form the “Silver Belles,” a jazz dance act performing to sold-out audiences. At the time of filming, these sassy dames were aged 84 to 96 and still performing regularly. Defying limitations and living life to the fullest, these vibrant octogenarians prove age is a state of mind, and one is as young as one feels.

Directed by Heather MacDonald
Produced by Heather MacDonald

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