Movie Picks | Running the Sahara (2007) | When was the last time you ran across Africa?

Most recreational runners derive a lot of satisfaction from sharing their most recent running accomplishment with anyone who is kind enough to listen. I know I do.

I am often filled with pride as I share with a kind ear the fact I have conquered a certain course (nothing too strenuous) or endured a certain length of time (20-30 minutes.) While I am quite satisfied with my modest running (okay, jogging) skills, I know they pale in comparison to the skills of the runners in this film. Whether you are an avid runner or have never even as much as run around your block, you can appreciate the spirit of dogged determination portrayed in this story.

In Running the Sahara, Charlie Engle, Ray Zahab, and Kevin Lin are men on an incredibly ambitious mission: run across the continent of Africa, from the western coast of Senegal, across the Sahara desert, to the eastern coast of Egypt, reaching the Red Sea. Of course, no good story is complete without some conflict. Throughout their journey, the runners encounter many challenges, such as harsh climates, injury, extreme fatigue, bureaucratic resistance, and even dissension among the group. Through it all, they keep their eyes on the prize of making it to the rejuvenating shore of the Red Sea.

Narrated by Matt Damon, this touching film will not only inspire you to lace up your running shoes, but it will also show you what you can accomplish when you dare to set “impossible” goals for yourself.

Directed by James Moll
Produced by Larry Tanz, Marc Joubert, Keith Quinn, Rick Eldridge

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