Bookshelf | Bossypants by Tina Fey (2011) | You might bust your pants… From laughing!

This book is hilarious! I listened to it on audiobook, and it made me laugh so much that I want to listen to it again. That’s how much I loved it.

As a comedy writer, actress, producer, mother, and wife, Tina Fey plays many roles, and she candidly reflects on all of them in this funny, well-crafted memoir. She shares the details of her childhood in Pennsylvania, her early career days an an improv student-turned-performer in Chicago, her journey to becoming head writer at Saturday Night Live, creating and starring in 30 Rock, and her experiences as a new mom.

From photo shoots to Sarah Palin to breastfeeding, Fey leaves no subject unturned and generously churns out hilarious anecdotes and commentary that will have you laughing out loud on multiple occasions. She also narrates the audiobook, which makes the listening experience all the more better. If you are in dire need of some laugh therapy, I’m writing you a prescription for this book!

Bookshelf Favorite!

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