Welcome to my site!

I am a writer and children’s librarian in New York City with a love for books, movies, and Old Hollywood. I have always loved writing and making up stories, and I am currently writing my first novel. Here on my site, I share my adventures in reading, writing, movie-watching, sewing, and the librarian life, with other stuff mixed in from time to time. 

The Dream

My dream is to become a published novelist, and I enjoy writing fiction for both adults and children. I have a few things on the boil…

I have always been mesmerized by classic cinema, especially Hollywood’s Golden Age—that era from the end of talkies in the late 1920s through the decline of the studio system in the early 1960s. It was a time when the studios generously splashed glamour on the screen and captivating stars showed audiences how to win, lose, and love with the best of them. The grandeur, the romance, the witty dialogue, the hair, the clothes, the singin’ and dancin’, the melodrama… I find it all so entertaining, and I am writing an adult historical novel set in Old Hollywood. I am also writing a children’s middle-grade novel set in contemporary Hollywood. Diligently, I write by candlelight through the night, oftentimes finishing the last few words of a chapter just in time to extinguish my flame and rush off to work. 

I wish! While that is certainly not the case, I am enjoying the process of novel writing, an inconsistent affair which has included exciting bursts of productivity followed by lengthy periods of nada. If you are a writer yourself, then you are familiar with the kind of unpredictable relationship that can exist between a writer and her novel. On some days, you love the thing, and you pour every ounce of your creativity into it. On other days, you shamelessly neglect it. During those long periods of neglect, its pages sadly go unwritten while you turn your attentions to real people, the complexities of life, and guilty diversions (Hello, almost every reality show on Bravo!). I tend to be a slow writer, so don’t expect anything quick.

My Bio

I was born in Houston, Texas, and I grew up in the suburbs outside of Houston. After receiving my bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Texas at Austin, I worked as an MTV intern in New York City, where I wrote episode summaries and promotional copy for MTV shows such as “Laguna Beach,” “Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica,” “MTV Cribs,” “Pimp My Ride,” and “TRL” for MTV.com. After that experience, I moved back to Texas, got a teaching certificate, and worked as a second-grade teacher at an elementary school near Houston. At the end of that school year, I journeyed to Los Angeles, where I worked a brief stint as a production assistant at Don Mischer Productions—a fun job that had me cruising around Los Angeles, Hollywood, and the streets of Beverly Hills. After my Hollywood adventure, I returned to Texas and earned a master’s degree in library science from the University of North Texas. After that, I became a children’s librarian at a public library in the Houston area. Following that experience, I returned to the classroom to teach first grade and then third grade.

In the summer of 2016, I began my current job as a children’s librarian at a public library in New York City. My days are filled with helping to meet the literacy and information needs of children and families, presenting fun storytime programs to children of all ages, and doing outreach to the community.

When I’m not working or writing, I love to read, exercise, cook, sew,  watch classic movies, and learn about all things Old Hollywood. Gotta love that vintage glamour!  I especially love films from the 1940s & ’50s that are full of drama and suspense.

I enjoy things that are entertaining and inspiring. Hopefully, my site will offer some of those things to you. If you have similar tastes, stay tuned…

Glady you stopped by!



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