Reading Diary: October 2-13, 2018

TAR BABY + new job + chips & guac for lunch

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

I got a new job! I am now an adult services librarian at a public library, and I am liking it. I really enjoyed being a children’s librarian at public libraries in the Houston area and New York City, and now I have the opportunity to explore a different side of the business. At every job I’ve had, I have always been blessed with great teammates, and this job is no different. Things are looking nice!

So far, the worst part of my job is my commute. I’m now driving across town for work, in Houston traffic, so let’s just say I have a lot more audiobook listening time than I did during my previous commute which was about ten minutes each way. But who said this is a terrible thing?

As for hard copy books, I have dipped into a few things over my recent hiatus from posting. But guess what… I am still re-reading TAR BABY! I hadn’t picked it up in quite a while, but I have made it a part of my daily lunchtime dining experience lately.

Be honest… is there a book that has taken you forever and a day to read?


YOU WILL KNOW ME in the car driving to the park for a slow jog

Sunday, October, 7, 2018

I’m listening to the audiobook YOU WILL KNOW ME by Megan Abbott, and this story is keeping me on the edge of my (car) seat!

This is a psychological suspense about a family whose lives revolve around the training of daughter Devon, a teen gymnastics prodigy with Olympic dreams. Throw a murder mystery into the mix, and you’ve got the kind of tale that makes me stay in the car once I’ve arrived at my destination.

Some years back, I also enjoyed DARE ME, another psychological suspense by Megan Abbott. DARE ME tells the story of a group of intense high-school cheerleaders who find their lives turned upside down by an unexpected death. Visit my website and search for my book review on that one.

Have you read any Megan Abbott books?


YOU WILL KNOW ME + a warm post-workout grape

Sunday, October 7, 2018

After a long 60-minute run, there are few things as rewarding as a sweet, juicy grape (even if it is warm from sitting in my car.) Truth be told, my “run” is actually more of a slow jog…

I recently went through an extended period of not exercising regularly, and I am currently striving to change that. My current exercise of choice is slow jogging. I have always been and will probably always be a slow jogger. There’s just something so peaceful and relaxing about keeping a moderate and steady pace. I love taking in nature and a good audiobook during a nice, slow jog.

Now, let’s get to book-talking… During my most recent jog, I listened to the audiobook YOU WILL KNOW ME by Megan Abbott, a psychological suspense about a teen gymnastics prodigy and the murder mystery that breaks the routine and order of her family and gym community. The suspense is keeping me hooked!


TAR BABY + shrimp & quinoa for lunch

Monday, October 8, 2018

I cooked this shrimp, quinoa, broccoli, and corn last night, and I must say… This is one tasty, nutritious meal. I love the red quinoa; it’s so flavorful. It’s also good for you. A superfood, no? It goes well with shrimp, broccoli, and corn. I made a big batch and stored it in a glass dish inside the refrigerator in the library staff lounge, so I can enjoy it over the next few days for lunch. Winning.

And of course, TAR BABY. I am reading it slowly but surely.


IT’S COMPLICATED: SHORT STORIES ABOUT LONG RELATIONSHIPS for a little nighttime reading in the recliner

Thursday, October 11, 2018

One of my favorite booktubers is Karen Wright, also known as Runwright Reads to those in the booktube know. Karen is such a wonderful person, and she brings so much fun (and so many books!) to the booktube world.

In addition to creating bookish content on her YouTube channel “Runwright Reads,” she is also a writer. I bought her book IT’S COMPLICATED: SHORT STORIES ABOUT LONG RELATIONSHIPS off Amazon months ago, and I am now finally getting to read it. I am enjoying the first story, and I am loving her writing style and content. Very inspiring Karen! Check her out @karen_runwright.


YOU WILL KNOW ME + thawed, frozen mango bites

Saturday, October 13, 2018

I just finished a 30-minute jog outside, and while the weather was lovely–sunny but not too hot–my jog was quite arduous, if I must admit. Some days, the jogs come out almost effortlessly, but others, as with the case today, I am huffing, puffing, and stopping the entire way through. A hot cardiovascular mess! Looks like I need to jog more regularly to increase my stamina!

You know what though? Unlike my awkward and uncomfortable workout today, this thawed frozen mango bite is absolutely perfect.


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