Tranquil trail toward the horizon, July 2019

Dirt trail on a grassy prairie, leading toward the horizon, under a blue and white sky
Tranquil trail toward the horizon. Prairie Trail at Brazos Bend State Park. Needville, Texas, July 2019. Photo by Vernitra ©

I can still remember this hike on the Prairie Trail at Brazos Bend State Park, in Needville, Texas. Under the late-afternoon sky, the open prairie scene was picturesque and peaceful. As Brazos Bend is home to many alligators, often seen relaxing in the lake areas of the park, I remained on edge throughout my hike, keeping my eyes peeled and listening closely for rustling in the tall grass. While I don’t think the Prairie Trail is an alligator hideout—don’t take my word for it, I could be very, very wrong—I was still quite relieved and thankful to not have encountered any gators, snakes, or other frightening creatures on my walk.

Brazos Bend State Park website:

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