Digital Diary

Here’s to Creativity in Bloom


Well waddya know, it’s spring. Here’s to creativity—and everything else—in bloom.

Drugstore Book Love


Even at the drugstore, I make my way to the book section. Constant book lover.

Gratitude | The Gift of Creativity


I’m grateful for the gift of creativity. Everyone has it… We just have to tap into it.

When Writers Get Cookin’


Like every great meal, a great story has to start somewhere. (more…)

Make that a double…

Photo: Vernitra Jones

After a long run in the sweltering heat, nothing’s more delicious than a tall glass of ice-cold water. Mmmm!

Vietnamese Noodle House Heaven!


Ready to dive into a bowl of hot noodles at a Vietnamese noodle house

I love to go to the Vietnamese noodle house. Any Vietnamese noodle house. Dipping refreshing spring rolls into peanut sauce + slurping tasty noodles and broth = ┬ánoodle house heaven! I could just eat bowls and bowls of that warm, savory soup. (more…)

How to take the heat…





And to think, because I waited until peak sun hours to get outside, I almost opted to forgo what turned out to be a great bike ride. It was hot, but it sure was fun! Cool-off prescription: some healthy blueberries and watermelon plus a giant, unhealthy (yet delicious!) blueberry muffin. As for my bike trip entertainment, I listened to The Power Trip by Jackie Collins. The blueberries? Juicy. The watermelon? Juicy. The Jackie Collins novel? Juicy, juicy, juicy!

Reading Agatha Christie at the beach…


Crooked House by Agatha Christie.

After sunset


After sunset at the beach. Galveston, Texas.

Baked Chicken + Sweet Potatoes & Broccoli

Rice & Beans + Pico & Guac



A Succulent Salad


Chicken breast strips, spinach, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, & egg with a savory dressing of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Mmmmm!

Peach Cobbler:)

I love to make peach cobbler!