Vernitra’s Book Club

Bookshelf | Thrill! by Jackie Collins (1998) | And oh what a thrill this book is


Lara Ivory is a beautiful movie star with a seemingly perfect life. Joey Lorenzo is a handsome actor trying to make his way in Hollywood. When the two meet, sparks fly, and they embark on a steamy love affair. However, both Lara and Joey have skeletons in their closets which threaten to destroy not only their relationship but also their lives. A juicy tale of Hollywood drama and suspense!

Bookshelf Favorite!

Bookshelf | Waiting to Exhale by Terry McMillan (1992) | That’s what friends are for…


In this entertaining story, four 30-something African-American women find support in female friendships while enduring the ups and (mostly) downs of their romantic relationships.

What I love most about Terry McMillan’s writing is her realism. She puts her characters in true-to-life situations, and they struggle the same way we do in real life. When this novel came out in 1992, it caused a publishing sensation, because its depiction of modern, dynamic, African-American women drew readers of all colors to the bookstores to grab a copy.

Bookshelf Favorite!

Bookshelf | Girls of Riyadh by Rajaa Alsanea (2007) | Love and marriage in Saudi Arabia


Waiting to Exhale meets The Real Housewives of Saudi Arabia.

The women in this juicy novel have 99 problems—all relating to men. Through a series of emails, an undisclosed narrator recounts the tumultuous love stories of four upper-class Muslim twenty-somethings in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. At a time in their lives when marriage seems to be the most important goal, the characters discover all that glitters is certainly not gold. I’m telling you, some of the characters in the story experience the kind of man-drama that could make someone catch a case. This entertaining novel is filled with drama and unexpected turns.

Bookshelf Favorite!

Bookshelf | Lady Blue Eyes: My Life with Frank by Barbara Sinatra (2011)

Lady Blue Eyes

Barbara Sinatra, Frank Sinatra’s fourth and final wife, tells the story of her life as a former model and Vegas showgirl turned entrepreneur and philanthropist, as well as her endearing relationship with one of music’s most beloved icons, Frank Sinatra.

As Frank Sinatra is one of my favorite singers of all time, I enjoyed this peek into his later years. I also enjoyed Barbara Sinatra’s account of their romantic love story and celebrity escapades.

Bookshelf Favorite!

Bookshelf | Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki (1997) | You’ll never look at money the same way again


Robert Kiyosaki discusses the importance of financial literacy as well as the differences between how the rich and the poor earn and spend money. This book changed the way I look at money.

Bookshelf Favorite!

Bookshelf | Open by Andre Agassi (2009) | Playing in the game of life

Book Recommendation: Open by Andre Agassi (2009)

Tennis icon Andre Agassi tells the story of his tumultuous life both on and off the tennis court. With open honesty, he reveals the profound unhappiness and frustration he experienced devoting his life to a sport he hated from an early age. He also speaks candidly about his relationships with Brooke Shields and Steffie Graf as well as his longtime battle with his own personal demons. You don’t have to be a tennis fan to appreciate this book!

Bookshelf Favorite!

Bookshelf | Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell (2008) | You’re only 10,000 hours away from success


When it comes to success, why do some people surpass others in leaps and bounds? In this book, Malcolm Gladwell explores the backgrounds of certain high-achievers and reveals how the idiosyncrasies of their upbringing and life experiences contribute to their phenomenal success. He also explains how a 10,000-hour investment in developing a skill can make you an expert. Very interesting reading.

Bookshelf Favorite!

Bookshelf | What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami (2008) | A great book for running writers (Or writing runners)


Novelist Haruki Murakami writes about training for the New York City Marathon and reflects on the role running has played in his life as a writer. This book is inspiring for both runners and writers.

Bookshelf Favorite!

Bookshelf | Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Aspergers by John Elder Robison (2007)

Book Recommendation: Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Aspergers by John Elder Robison (2007)

John Elder Robison talks about growing up with Asperger’s Syndrome, a disorder on the Autism spectrum. While Robison discusses how having the disorder made him socially awkward and negatively affected his personal relationships, he also acknowledges how his condition influenced the creativity and focus that led to his career success.

Bookshelf Favorite!

Bookshelf | This Sweet Sickness by Patricia Highsmith (1961) | The Ex from H-E-Double-Hockey Sticks

Book Recommendation: This Sweet Sickness by Patricia Highsmith (1961)

Psychopathic loner David Kelsey has resolved to rekindle his relationship with his beloved Annabelle and make her his wife.  In David’s eyes, the fact that Annabelle is now married to someone else presents only a small obstacle…

In true Highsmith fashion, in David Kelsey, she has masterfully created a layered character who is absolutely detestable yet for whom the reader can sympathize. This novel is thick with psychological suspense and a darkly entertaining read.

Bookshelf Favorite!