Viola Notes in Time

My hand holding up my my viola, on a sunny white balcony, against the backdrop of a treetop

Piano Dream Journey

Close-up of the keyboard of my new electronic piano

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Arts & Crafts


Single green leaf and gray tennis shoe on concrete

Sewing Style

Fabric, sewing pattern, sewing machine, and cutting mat on a table

Quilting & Quietude

Fabric samples, notebook, sewing machine, and cutting mat on a table

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Literature, Entertainment, & Media

Vernitra’s Book Club

Selfie of me smiling in a purple-and-white floral top, holding a stack of books

Notes from Screenland

Close-up shot of popcorn in a big white bowl


My hand holding up a pair of headphones, in front of a park trail

Media Shares

Open laptop and red paper hearts on either side

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Black pen on top of an open page of a spiral writing tablet, on a floral background

Photo Journal

Riding my bike at high speed on a paved park trail

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Site News

News note on a wooden desk

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