Flying on a bike. At the park.
Photo by Vernitra ©

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While eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly are excellent practices, they aren’t always easy to maintain. A crowded schedule can hinder success in these areas, as well as a lack of discipline, willpower, resources, energy, or motivation. While I try to consistently make healthy choices, I sometimes veer off track. There are many decadent foods that I enjoy eating, and let’s face it: sitting down and relaxing is often a lot more appealing than getting up and working out.

I find that occasionally tracking my diet and exercise activity, through written logs and photo and video journaling, allows me to see evidence of my nutritious eating and exercise accomplishments, no matter how small. Such evidence can greatly motivate me to make more healthy choices. Creating nutrition and exercise challenges for myself is another great motivator, especially when I need a kick start.

Here’s to the pursuit of fitness!