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Self-portrait, gazing down, in a floral shirt.
Photo by Vernitra ©

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I am always taking pictures. Capturing moments in time allows me to appreciate the details hiding in the world around me. A photograph can stir fond memories or show me motivating evidence of my efforts and progress on a personal journey.

One of my favorite subjects to photograph is nature. I love being on a wooded trail in a park on a gorgeous day. When I’m amongst the trees, taking in the sights and sounds of nature, it’s easy to silence the noise of the world. Whether I’m exploring paths familiar or new, photography helps me to savor those experiences even more.

I enjoy amateur photography. I take pictures with my phone camera and digitally edit most of them. I add my favorite pictures and the most polished ones I’ve created to the Photography section of my Photo Journal.


Green leaf and shoe on concrete.
Photo by Vernitra ©

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