Piano Dream Journey

Close-up of the keyboard of my new electronic piano
Photo by Vernitra ©

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For nearly the first four decades of my life, whenever I watched someone play the piano, I listened in admiration, thinking I want to do that. If I found myself standing before an open piano, I would explore the keyboard with my fingers, gingerly tapping out sounds in an attempt to produce something resembling a familiar tune. Growing up, I loved playing the viola and wanted to take up the piano as well. I never did, but in the back of my mind, I knew I would one day acquaint myself with those keys.

In my late-thirties, I started listening to Chopin’s piano nocturnes, drifting into a dream state and imagining myself playing those exquisite cascading notes. In 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, I found myself with an enormous amount of time on my hands and fell into a wondrous rabbit hole of jazz piano recordings. I began to dream of swingin’ it on the keys, à la Art Tatum and Hazel Scott. I had to start somewhere, so I ordered an 88-key digital piano and a few beginner’s books. I tinkered with my new piano a few times, but with poor knowledge of treble clef and no knowledge of bass clef, the task seemed too daunting for the moment, so I put the instrument away for a while.

Now, I’m ready to start learning and practicing in earnest. One day, I want to play my favorite classical, jazz, popular, sacred, and Christmas tunes. That’s my piano dream, and this is my journey.