Tiny moon, deep blue sky, July 2020

Tiny full moon and trees, against a backdrop of blue evening sky
Tiny moon, deep blue sky. An evening stroll, July 2020. Photo by Vernitra ©

I wonder what filled my thoughts on this midsummer evening a couple of years ago, as I gazed up at the clear, deep blue sky. Most likely, I was listening to an audiobook while enjoying the calm darkness and warm evening air.

Sunlight on flowers, April 2020

Bright sunlight shining on pink, fuchsia, magenta, and white flowers
Sunlight on flowers. Walking through the neighborhood during the pandemic lockdown, April 2020. Photo by Vernitra ©

During the pandemic lockdown, when I was spending so much time indoors, I appreciated moments outside, in nature, even more. On this day, as I walked around the neighborhood, the weather was lovely, mild and sunny, typical for Houston in the springtime. The vibrant beauty of these flowers in bloom stopped me in my tracks. When I look at this photo, I remember how calming that walk was, during such an uncertain time.

Bare tree, striking beauty, March 2020

Bare, winter tree in the bright light of the sun, against a backdrop of clouds
Bare tree, striking beauty. At the park during the pandemic lockdown, March 2020. Photo by Vernitra ©

I took this photo in the early stage of the pandemic, when we were in lockdown. After an extended period of remaining indoors, it was so refreshing to venture outside, in the wide open space of the park. Though the season had already changed from winter to spring, I consider this scene one of the most striking “winter tree” scenes I have captured thus far.