Welcome to my site!

I am a writer and children’s librarian in New York City with a love for books, movies, and Old Hollywood. I have always loved writing and making up stories, and I am currently writing my first novel. Here on my site, I share my adventures in reading, writing, movie-watching, sewing, and the librarian life, with other stuff mixed in from time to time.  (more…)

Gratitude | The Gift of Creativity


I’m grateful for the gift of creativity. Everyone has it… We just have to tap into it.

When Writers Get Cookin’


Like every great meal, a great story has to start somewhere. (more…)

Bookshelf | What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami (2008) | A great book for running writers (Or writing runners)


Novelist Haruki Murakami writes about training for the New York City Marathon and reflects on the role running has played in his life as a writer. This book is inspiring for both runners and writers.

Bookshelf Favorite!