Viola Notes in Time

My hand holding up my my viola, on a sunny white balcony, against the backdrop of a treetop
Photo by Vernitra ©

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I was an orchestra kid. From 6th through 11th grades, I played the viola in my middle- and high-school orchestras, and I truly enjoyed the experience. My ear loves the rich, warm tone of the viola and the full range of its sounds, from sweet to dark. I find the viola’s mellow quality quite soothing. In 2021, after a more than two-decade hiatus from playing and practicing regularly, I began the journey of learning how to play the viola all over again.

As a young musician, I took weekly private lessons for about four years, between the ages of 11 and 14. These days, I am learning mostly on my own with the help of online resources and musical content creators. I don’t practice nearly as much as I should. Nevertheless, whenever I pull the bow hair over those strings, I fall into the music.

To play an instrument is to constantly strive for improvement, always aiming to play the note, bar, or piece better. Sometimes, I struggle in frustration, but in the moments when I find myself soaring, the feeling is immensely rewarding.