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I love a great story, and I relish the experience of discovering one in the pages of a book. As a librarian and lifelong book lover, I have always valued the art of storytelling, and stacks of books and paragraphs of text have always intrigued me. Some stories provide an escape, lifting me out of my everyday world, while others put me closer in touch with my own reality and humanity. I appreciate how a great book can open pathways in my mind, stir feelings in my heart, or simply entertain me. I love an entertaining read!

My favorite fiction genres are classic novels, literary fiction, historical fiction, warm, cozy reads, mystery, and suspense. I enjoy reading nonfiction, especially biographies, history, essays, and books on random topics I find interesting. I love a juicy Hollywood story, truth or fiction, as well as books about writers and other creatives. Also, any book that makes me laugh, of any genre, qualifies as an instant favorite. I still remember funny moments from the books I’ve read in years past. I also delight in nostalgic revisits of the stories I loved as a young reader in the ’90s. Taking a trip down literary memory lane can be quite cozy.

I love holding a book in my hands and the feel and sound of turning a page. I’m also a lover of audiobooks. Listening to a story while driving, folding laundry, piecing together a jigsaw puzzle, or, my favorite, enjoying a nice walk in the park surrounded by nature, is quite enjoyable. Regardless of the medium, I love falling into the world of a story and savoring the experience.

In addition to reading books, I also enjoy writing about them. Here, I share my thoughts on the stories, characters, and themes that captivate me. So here I am, adventuring through my wildly growing reading list, one page at a time, sharing the books I enjoy most.